How to Merge Your Account

If you already have an LG Developer account, you need to log in to your existing LG Developer account and merge with an LG Account. Here are the easy steps to merging your account with all new LG Account.


1. From the SIGN IN WITH LG ACCOUNT screen, log in with your ❶ existing LG Developer ID and ❷ password.


2. In the Merge Accounts pop-up window, your existing webOS Signage ID will appear. Click CONFIRM.

If you have been a member of other LG developer family websites with the same user information, they will also be listed here.

3. From the SWITCH USER ID screen, make sure again that ❶ your current IDs and ❷ your Email ID that will be used as your new ID are valid, then ❸ click CONFIRM.

You may choose to use a different email address as your ID instead of the pre-registered one. In this case, simply delete the email address on the screen, then enter a new one.



4. From the TERMS OF SERVICE screen, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Make sure to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully and agree to them by selecting the checkbox. Then, click AGREE.
5. From the CREATE LG ACCOUNT screen, ❶ enter your password and ❷ Date of Birth. ❸ Select whether to receive our e-newsletters, then ❹ click CONFIRM.


6. Your LG Account will be created and we will send you an email to confirm your email address. From the EMIAL CONFIRMATION screen, click CONFIRM

7. In the email we send you, click CONFIRM.


8. When the CONFIRM LG ACCOUNT screen appears, go to the webOS Signage Developer site again.


9. From webOS Signage Developer Site, click SIGN IN.


10. Log in with ❶ your new LG Account ID (in the email format) and ❷ password.


11. From the My Account screen, ❶ make sure all your information is set correctly in order to use the LG Developer service and ❷ click Save.



Problem Encountered?

Are you still having a problem merging your account or any issues with the new website?




Contact us via email at or our sales engineers in your region. We will get back to you at the earlist possible moment!