PADS4 information
Company Name PADS4
Year of the Establishment 1994
Web Site
Company (HQ) Address Luchthavenweg 59-I
5657 EA Eindhoven
the Netherlands
Branch Office NDS Middle East
Office # 20, 6C Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, 29th floor - Prime Tower, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Business Region
Greece, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium
United States, Mexico, Canada
South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey
India, Singapore, Malaysia
Australia, New Zealand
Serbia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Morocco, Lithuania, Algeria, Kuwait, Kenya, Ireland, Iceland, Egypt, Croatia, Caribbean Netherlands, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Aruba, Antarctica
Verticals and Solutions QSR, Retail, Education, Finance, FIDS, Transport, Public, Government, Outdoor, Hospitality, Cruise, Enterprise Corporte, Interactive Board, Others
Others - cinema
webOS Version/Model Category 2.0 - Standard, Stretch, Touch
3.0 - Standard, High Brightness, Touch, OLED, LED
3.2 (3.0+) - Standard, Touch, OLED, webOS Box
4.0 - Standard, LED, webOS Box
Features and Services Video - Multi-video, Portrait, YouTube, IP Streaming, UHD, Gapless Play
Network - Wi-Fi, Proxy, Wake on LAN, On-premises
Content management - Content Creation, Content Scheduling, Remote Control, Monitoring
Interactive - Touch
Product Name PADS4 - data-driven digital signage software
CMS Information PADS4 is a powerful all-in-one digital signage platform. Transform data sources into smart and versatile signage, including advertising, wayfinding, internal communication, queue management and corporate branding. Meet the needs of industries with complex internal and external communication problems, by integrating all your data sources and screens. PADS4 supports real-time data integration, logic programming, and dynamic digital signage for advanced visual communication that is targeted and personalized.
Sales Channel Via Authorized Reseller Network
URL for webOS solution info
Reference Site with webOS Signage UAE Exchange

Business Region

The marker does not indicate the exact location of the office. It simply refers to the country the company is based in.