Showcases at ISE 2019

A photo of LG Booth at ISE 2019.

LG showcased its innovative digital solutions from Transparent OLED Signage to a full lineup of LED products including Even Bezel Video Wall with webOS Signage 3.0 at ISE 2019.

Transparent OLED Signage

Transparent OLED Signage features displays that curve up to 1,000R for wrapping around various surfaces. Designed for both retail and gallery environments, actual products can be clearly seen behind the 38 percent transparent display while video or images are shown overlaid in front of the object. The Transparent OLED Signage’s open frame design can be tiled, making it perfect for large spaces where customer interaction can seal the deal, such as in an automotive showroom.

LED Products

LG’s fine-pitch LAPE series of LED displays separates the power module from the screen, resulting in an ultra-thin profile for a more streamlined installation. The smaller, lightweight LED Display Module (LDM) allows for easier installation – both mounting and hanging – with support for true concave and convex curvature up to 1,000R. With a compact pixel pitch of 1.5 to 2.5mm and brightness of up to 1,000 nits, LG’s LAPE series delivers vivid picture quality in every indoor environment, from retail malls to conference halls.

The LAA series bezel-less 130-inch Meeting Room LED Screen with 1.5mm pixel pitch was designed for mid- to large-sized conference rooms. The embedded audio system allows users to communicate and share images without the need for external speakers. With optional software, this display solution is designed to be compatible with Crestron room control system.

LG’s Color Transparent LED Film is a large-size solution that can be applied to any-sized glass surface to transform it magically into actual digital signage. With a maximum transparency of 73 percent, the glass retains its original properties with the film being unnoticeable when not in use. The film itself is self-adhesive and can be removed easily with no sticky residue. Delivering a wide range of colors at 24mm pitch while still maintaining high transparency, this unique solution is suitable for displaying everything from brand logos to full-color videos.

Even Bezel Video Wall with webOS Signage 3.0

LG also exhibited a groundbreaking .44mm Even Bezel Video Wall that delivers vivid, dynamic images with consistent color uniformity for higher and wider viewing angles without distortion. Especially, webOS Signage 3.0 makes it extremely easy to maintain and create content. This display solution is optimized for control rooms and venues that require multi-screen setups such as shopping malls and lecture halls.

4K Interactive Digital Board

LG’s new 86-inch 4K Interactive Digital Board with active pen boasts IPS In-cell Touch technology with a sleek 29mm bezel design that employs an innovative direct bonding process to eliminate the gap between the LCD panel and protective glass. This combination delivers a faster response time for a realistic writing experience that is perfect for university lecture halls and corporate conference rooms.

Outdoor Signage Product

The 55XE4F model is waterproof and protected from dust while also being approximately 64 percent lighter and 37 percent thinner than the previous 55-inch model. This allows the display to be installed almost anywhere, such as on a wall, ceiling or stand. What’s more, the tempered front glass features a shatterproof film to prevent serious injuries even when subject to a strong impact.