Showcases at ISE 2017

A photo of LG Booth at ISE 2017.

At ISE 2017 at LG Booth, our webOS Signage partners presented their innovative digital signage solutions. Watch the videos below to check out how some of our partners reinvented the spaces with digital solutions. 



Centomedia demonstrates how add-on sensors (NFC, GPIO) can be integrated with the shopping experience. 


Voome showcases an interactive digital catalog solution while using webOS Signage's Video Texture feature.


Denava uses the iBeacon feature to connect webOS Signage to customer's mobile phones.


Sklera shows their new interactive touch app using PC-less Touch. Sklera's solution manages content locally, without using a remote server.


Signagelive shows demo solution that delivers an emergency message through webOS Signage while integrating it with building management system.


ONELAN demonstrates how their centrally managed enterprise CMS can help businesses in product promotions and monetization.


As an expert in creating in-room TV software and Digital Signage software in public areas, OTRUM tells us how easy it can be to install and manage data through the cloud-based platform.


SkySignage provides the interactive and connected solution, powered with OneDrive cloud services and Office365.


Smartsign demonstrates how to use their software for webOS Signage from installation to displaying content on the screen. Their solution also provides sophisticated scheduling and analytics.


Gauddi provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based CMS solution with intelligent scheduling options.