Downloading webOS Logo

Use the webOS marketing logo for your brand and product promotions.

Primary signature should always be reproduced from original artwork files. Also, they cannot be modified. 


Our logo images are provided in the PNG file format. It comes in 2 different styles and each style 2 different sizes in each style. Click the download link below to download all images in a single click.

Default Greyscale
Default logo image for webOS Signage. Greyscale logo image for webOS Signage.


Available in: 500 x 80 (small), 1800 x 300 (large)





Follow the guidelines below whenever using the webOS Signage logo:

  • To protect the marketing logo identity, the logo must be displayed with clear space of 0.3X surrounding it on all sides.​

 Image representing the clear space specification for the webOS logo.

  • To preserve minimum legibility of the logo, the height of the webOS Signage logo should at least be over 6mm.

Image representing the height of the webOS logo.

  • Use the logo in its standardized form on a white, greyscale (0-45%, or 85-100%), or black background.

The image representing white, grayscale, or black ratio of the webOS logo background color.

  • For the darker greysccale and black background (85-100%), alter the grey color in the original logo text to white.

Image that shows the color of the logo text when it is not the default background color.



Always use approved webOS Signage logo artwork. The following images are the examples of incorrect logo usage. 

Incorrect Usage Reason

Image showing that logo was used incorrectly with the LG symbol mark.

Do not apply any symbol mark. The master brand logo is no exception.

The image that indicates that the first letter of the logo is capitalized incorrectly.

Do not capitalize any of the grey colored letters, including the initial letter.

Image indicating that the proportions of the logo are used incorrectly.

Do not change the proportion of the marketing logo.

Image showing that the logo was used incorrectly with other elements.

Do not add any element around the marketing logo.

Image indicating that the logo was used incorrectly with shadows.

Do not place shadow around the marketing logo.

Image that indicates that the logo must not use transparency effects.

Do not apply transparency effects.

mage of the logo showing that the stroke effect is applied incorrectly.

Do not apply outline stroke effects.

Image indicating that the logo base color must not be changed.

Do not change the color of the marketing logo.

Image indicating that a background or pattern background similar to the logo color must not be used.

Do not use a similar background color or patterned background as the marketing logo color.